(ADP) and (Up) the only Two Parties That Have Signed Civic Manifesto



The Civic Space Manifesto is a document developed by over 40 civil society organisations that calls on political parties to commit to “four human rights principle to better safeguard civic space in Sierra Leone,” ahead of the March 2018 general elections.Out of seventeen political parties in the country, only two: the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP) and the Unity Party (UP) have committed themselves by signing the document.By signing to the civic space manifesto, these parties have committed themselves to uphold and protect citizen’s right to freedom of expression; freedom of peaceful assembly; freedom of association; and protecting human rights defenders.When political parties are campaigning, supporters often come out onto the streets to rally. West Africa Researcher for Amnesty International, Sabrina Mahtani, said, “It is important that political parties sign the manifesto because by so doing they are committing to uphold the civic space principles.”Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray, Presidential candidate of the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP) was the first Presidential candidate to sign the manifesto. He said the four principles mentioned to uphold human rights were extremely important. He said he signed the document to send the message that he believed in freedom… and that he was ready to look into the justice system of the country.The Secretary General of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), Umaru Napoleon Koroma, said they only got to know about the Manifesto very recently. However, the Party’s flag-bearer and Chair were out of the city.Amnesty international is hoping that political parties will sign to the Manifesto on or before 4 February 2018 – the eve of the commencement of the campaign period.

Source: https://awoko.org/


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