U.S concerned about political violence in Sierra Leone

“The U.S. Embassy urges all parties and candidates to reiterate to their constituents their commitment to a non-violent, law abiding and peaceful democratic process”.
On Friday January 26th 2018, violence erupted in the middle of the ruling party’s rally to mark the nomination of their presidential candidate Dr. Samura Kamara. The violence left at least one youth dead and several others seriously wounded. Several police officers were injured as they tried to end the fighting among APC youths dressed in their red sun symbol t-shirts, throwing stones, carrying sticks and machetes.
(Photo: Ruling APC presidential candidate – Samura Kamara, taking part in the rally which became violent).
The APC youths, also set fire in the middle of a major street – Campbell Street, as they blocked all movements of pedestrians and vehicles, preventing innocent civilians from exercising their freedom of movement.
In response to the violence, the opposition have called for a thorough investigation by the police, and for the Political Parties Registration Commission to take steps to put the ruling APC under proper control, so as to avoid sending the country back to war.

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