Baking Soda and Its benefits…(4 the Ladies)


I am sure you all have baking soda at home. But do you use it only for baking? Well, this versatile and cheap tool can be used not only to relieve the symptoms of heartburn or to bake pies. If you choose the list of products that should always be at hand, baking soda would be, perhaps, the first in the list.

Start using baking soda for personal hygiene. You can use it also for cosmetic purposes. For example, for your skin and hair, for struggling with stretch marks and whitening your teeth.

Below is a list of its uses:
1. Natural deodorant.

Stop using chemical deodorants..

2. Insect bites.

It will ease irritation.

3. Heartburn.

You will relieve heartburn.

4. Scrub.

It can fight with skin imperfections like wrinkles, blackheads and tarnished skin.

5. Hair.

It can increase hair growth.

6. Stretch marks.

It will reduce visible stretch marks.

7. Bad breath.

It will help you fight this problem.

8. Rough skin.

Put on warm socks with baking soda and forget about this unpleasant situation.

9. Stains.

Baking soda can remove stains.

10. Fridge smell.

It fights with unpleasant smell in your fridge.

11. Jewelry.

It is able to return your jewelry previous shine.

12. Abscesses.

It is useful as an abscess treatment.

13. Sunburn.

Soothe burnt skin with baking soda.

14. Peas and beans softener.

Get peas and beans ready for cooking quicker.

15. White teeth.

Brush your teeth and make them whiter.


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