Sierra Leone News:Former President of Nigeria, Obasanjo endorses Dr.Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella



Addressing a large audience at the CVL African Leadership Symposium 3 days ago in Lagos, Nigeria, former president of Nigeria – Olusegun Obasanjo, spoke about his confidence in the ability of Dr Yumkella to lead Sierra Leone.


Here is what former president Obasanjo has to say:

“Yumkella I want to thank you. You have never disappointed me. I know you will not. And you know my own borders in terms of bringing up what is good in Africa and Africans, goes beyond the boundaries of Nigeria and you are a typical example.
“When Yumkella was here as the country representative and was interested in becoming the Head of UNIDO, he said “well look I come from a small country – nobody will support me. And I said: “Nigeria will support you, and Nigeria supported you, and you got there.
“And you were doing so well in UNIDO. I said to you: “You need to come home, to be part of the game. I am still keeping my fingers crossed and pray that you will get there, because you have something to offer your country, to offer Nigeria and offer Africa”.





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