India News: The conflict to putting an end to “the Virginity Test of Newly weds”

getty images eric meola

Youths from a tribe in India called the Kanjarbhat are running a campaign called “stop the V-ritual” against a custom that has bothered them for a while which is the ‘virginity tests’ on brides.

This ritual is done on the night of the wedding ,wherein a white sheet will be handed over to the newly wed couple to use during intercourse according to the Panchayat or village caste council.

If the bride is pronounced as “broken”, an enquiry would be made to find out who she lost her virginity to.

Last year December, several youths from the Kanjarbhat tribe created a WhatsApp group title “stop the v-ritual”.

According to the council, they think this form of ritual is essential to their girls as it would stop them from going out of control.

One of the activist of the “stop the v-ritual ” was seriously beaten.Police are officially investing the matter.”Although four of the accused were arrested and tried in the court of law,but they arecurrtly out on bail”  says Al Jazeera news

Source: Al Jazeera News


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