Mostly used Proverbs in Sierra Leone, including Top Facts



  • Ah tot you nah me back you dae cos me say me head dae smell – I’m carrying you on my back and you tell me that my head smells?
  • Who wae belful nar im know say peteteh geh kanda – Only a person who is not hungry notices that he has to peel potatoes to eat it.
  • No to for mix agidi for bra lepet nar de tin o. Nar oodat for go gee am.  Preparing food for the leopard is easy but who will go and feed him?
  • Oodat worwor go get wata baboo boss cry – The baboon cries when the ugliest person is asked to fetch water (even though no names mentioned).
  • Always kip tik be en doe because you nor know oostem neyba dog go crase – Always be prepared keep a stick behind your door in case your neighbour’s dog runs wild.


  1. 1607 – 1608: Captain Richard Keeling arrives off the coast of Sierra Leone. His diaries record a historic ‘first’ – his men on board ship, off the coast of Sierra Leone, perform Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Richard II for local chiefs. The first recorded instance of Shakespeare being performed outside of England.
  2. 1895 – Sir Samuel Lewis, a Sierra Leonean, becomes the first African to be knighted.
  3. 27 September 1961 – Sierra Leone was admitted as the 100th member of the United Nations.
  4. The world’s first self-adhesive stamp was issued in Sierra Leone.
  5. Fourah Bay College was the first Western University in West Africa.
  6. Sierra Leone started television broadcasting in colour in 1963 4 years before the UK.

Source: afripostmark



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