Woman Crush Everyday- Celebrating Ursula Burns, The Multi-Millionaire, Business Mogul & CEO


In an imperfect world like ours, where you hardly see women  lift and support each other up or where men scarcely  promote the hard working women; can be very challenging;yet still there are women who made it, despite their pains,discrimination and troubles they still fight their way to reach the very top.

These women are special so therefore today’s WCE(woman crush Everyday) goes to ” Ms. Ursula M. Burns

Ursula Burns is among some of the top business executives in America. She is currently the CEO of Xerox, chairwoman of the mobile network, VEON, and a senior advisor of a major investment banking company called, Teneo.

Before becoming the CEO of Xerox, she worked for the growing company as in intern at age, 22. She continued to stay with the company throughout its planning and was a major key player in the company’s product development.

Ms. Ursula Burns will be joining the board of the worlds second largest distiller, Diageo, this upcoming April.


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