Important Things you Need to know About Relationships- Day 1

To have the most admiring  and role modeled relationship that people can just admire and cite as an example can be really Hard; and I’m going to say it again (It can be really Hard)

No matter what I tell you right now will make it  work out if you don’t put it into practice. Some things I might list below, must have been discussed by relationship experts and you might have already known that ages ago, but hey it’s never a wrong thing to be reminded about specific and important things that will make you and your partner happy.

  1. Never Compare your relationship to others


Just because Someone’s relationship is working out perfectly or so it might look in your eyes, doesn’t  make it Perfect,(trust me on this one). No relationship on planet earth is perfect, and that’s how it is always going to be, because no one is perfect. As you digest this, always get this in your mind “Except if  one of the allegedly perfect couple is your best friend, then maybe you might know exactly what is happening behind closed doors but if not, then you will never know the pains either one of them is going through until they break up”

2. There is always /often times  going to be arguments/Quarrel between you two


This particular one is inevitable. Couples fight all the time,because two people with two different background or upbringing would always want things the other to work things out in the way they are used to. It might have to do with food,habits,which color suits best, where we should spend this day or where should we go and so on and so forth. As you digest this, keep this in mind “Relationship/love is a very complicated thing but it is worth making it work out, especially if your significant other is worth fighting for”


Visit my blog tomorrow on the relationship category and I’ll keep you updated on Day 2….

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