Important Things you need to Know about Relationships – Day 2

Hey Readers, I’m here once again to keep to the promise I made yesterday. If you haven’t gone through the first two” important things you need to know about relationships” Then check them out here , as I will be doing a continuation today.

3. Make it a Habit to be praying for one another


There is a saying “A couple that prays together, stays together”….As a couple, make it your sole responsibility to either pray together or remember each other in your prayers. Involving God in your relationship will make a whole lot of difference. There will be times when a partner will be going through hard times or unspeakable situations, the best you could do during times like that is to pray for your companion and lift them up to the Lord, so peace could be restored in their lives while they go through the phase.

4. Not all the time but learn to Compromise with one another as a Couple


A little bit of compromise won’t hurt, but know that there should be a limit as to not to loose yourself in the process. There would be times when things would not go the way you want it, just so you could make your partner happy or put a smile on their face.

The bottom line: Little compromises are natural and unavoidable, but be careful not to give up too much of what is important to you for the sake of a relationship that should help to affirm who you already are.

5. Keep the Spark alive by going out on Dates


When in a long-term relationship/marriage, never stop dating your significant other. As a couple, learn to go out for dinner, lunch, long walks or whatever it is you enjoy doing as a couple. No matter how busy you two are, plan something every once. It could even be a surprise at other times .

6.Let Communication be as effective as Possible

Communicating Couples

Good communication is an important part of all relationships and is an essential part of any healthy partnership. All relationships have ups and downs, but a healthy communication style can make it easier to deal with conflict, and build a stronger and healthier partnership.

In as much as communication is important, couples must bear in mind that listening is part of the communication process, so try as much as you can to listen. When there is free flow of communication then disputes and quarrels can be settled easily.

7.Relationship is a two-way street

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Relationship is always about partnering with another person; which means the love, trust, sacrifice and all other things much be reciprocal. Just because she is a woman, does not mean she has to do all the dishes, cook, clean and work like a housemaid everyday, or just because he is the man doesn’t mean he is suppose to go and come as he pleases all the time.

When you give love, respect, loyalty, trust ,sacrifice always expect to get it back in return because “whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap” It feels good to love and to be loved back in return. If you are not receiving what you are giving, then I think its best you leave except maybe if you are hopeful or like to be in pain all the time.

8. Always learn to spend some time apart even if its for hours or days

Having some alone time makes you realize how truly and deeply you are into someone. Alone time, makes you discover yourself more. No human being on planet earth much be dependent on someone 100%,always try to be by yourself. It is during these times you learn to love and appreciate your self; if possible take yourself out on a date or do whatever it is you love most.


If you have any other contribution on this, then drop it on the comments section below!!

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