The $10 million Saint Pablo Tour lawsuit has been Resolved by Kanye West


Kanye West arriving at Heathrow Airport all smiles


According to BBC News, Kanye settled his lawsuit against Lloyd’s of London. Kanye was insured by Lloyd’s on his 2016 Saint Pablo Tour. Eight months later after  Kanye had bailed on his Saint Pablo Tour for some he-time, he filed a $10 million lawsuit against Lloyd’s, accusing them of not making payments to his company.Lloyd’s later came up with a counter-suit, and while they didn’t come right out and say it, the implication was that they believed Kanye’s tour cancellation was due to drugs and/or alcohol. Kanye’s lawyer argued that jr was in a mental hospital, therefore his cancellation was legitimate.

TMZ says that Lloyd’s was under massive amount of pressure from Kanye’s lawyers to pay up. Lloyd’s was allegedly nervous about going to court, because they were afraid they’d lose and have to pay a huge award for punitive damages. So they agreed to pay Kanye’s Very Good Tours Inc. most of what was due under his policy. Personally, I doubt it was because they were scared of court. It was probably because they were just sick of dealing with an upset Kanye. He’s probably beyond unbearable when he gets mad, like The Incredibly Annoying Hulk. And he seems like the type who would retaliate with supremely passive-aggressive moves, like taking up all the available space in their voicemail boxes. “I’ve got nothing else going on right now, so here’s me counting the number of dollars you owe me. One…two…three




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