Cellulite: The cause and Some Tips to Get Rid of it.


During the 2018 Grammy Awards , Cardi B performed a duet with Bruno Mars  her fans later on social media started  asking questions about her real age due to all the cellulite hanging off her thighs. Social media users wondered if the rumors were true that she is really 35.
According to Google.com, Cardi was born Belcalis Almanzar in the Bronx, NY on October 11, 1992, which makes her 25.  Now let’s get to the point and let me tell you what cellulite is ” cellulte is caused by decreased blood circulation, there is less oxygen and nutrition to the area, which results in a decrease in collagen production. Collagen is a structural protein found in skin that smooths out connective tissue and prevents wrinkles and dimpling.
As the collagen decreases, fat pushes through the collagen causing the lumpy cottage cheese appearance on our buttocks, thighs and hips.”

Can Cellulite Be Prevented?

According to Scientific American, the main cause of cellulite in today’s woman is diet and elastic panties. Back in the 1920s, women wore loose panties and longer skirts.
Panties with elastic across the buttocks cuts off blood circulation to the legs. If you draw a line from where your cellulite begins, it starts at the panty line.
More women have cellulite because today’s women wear less panty hose. Panty hose acts as a compression hose, reducing swelling and promoting better blood flow to the legs.
Scientific American suggests wearing less panties with elastic and wearing more thongs (make sure the thongs are 100% cotton). If you wear a size 10 in panties, go up a size to make the elastic fit looser across your buttocks. Also, wearing panty hose (with loose panties) helps to promote blood flow to your legs.

Is There Treatment for Cellulite?

Cellulite is a multifactorial condition that is unresponsive to a wide array of treatments. However, there are currently many possible treatment of cellulite as skin care and non-invasive therapy (mainly radio frequency with deep penetration on the skin).

Diet does play a role in decreasing cellulite. Women in America tend to exercise less and sit at desks or in cars for most of the day. Women in industrialized countries work harder and tend to stay on their feet for most of the day.
Eating healthy and exercising more will help you to lose the extra fat that causes cellulite.

As always, discuss diet, exercise and treatment options with your doctor or health care provider.

Source: Medical Minute

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