The United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS was partnered with RB Durex to Raise Awareness to Nigerians about their sexual wellness by donating 100,000 Condoms


The sole aim of this is to cover Reproductive Health Education and increase access to condoms by opening new channels and reaching consumers previously unreached. At the 2017 Worlds Aid Day, Dr. Sani Aliyu, the Director-General, NACA revealed that, since the first case of HIV was reported in Nigeria in 1986, about 1.5million deaths and over 5million new HIV infections have been averted. HIV prevalence has also been reduced from a peak of 5.8% in 2001 to 3.0% in 2014 while new HIV infections have been reduced by 56% and annual AIDS-related death by 22% in the last six years.


“We are celebrating the collaboration with NACA and INAIDS by donating 100,000 condoms, in the journey to eradicating HIV in Nigeria.  “Our vision is good sex for everybody and protected and safe sex, as well as enjoyable sex. With regards to protection, Durex, apart from donating condoms, has series of sexual health education campaigns, using various media platforms to educate and improve the sexual health of Nigerians.”   Commenting on the new cases‎ of HIV infections in Nigeria, ‎Richard Amenyah, Global Fund Implementation Adviser, UNAIDS, ‎said on a daily basis, there are about 5,000 new HIV infections globally, out of which Nigeria contributes about 700 new infections in the country every day. 


Bayode Akanbi, Senior Brand Manager (Healthcare) RB, also stated that “RB is enthusiastic to partner with UNAIDs to devise a sense of awareness and education in Nigeria on planned-parenthood, maternal health, safe contraception techniques and targeted reduction in HIV related deaths through the effective and consistent use of condoms. Through this collaboration, consumers will have the requisite education and empowerment to improve their Sexual Health with easy access to Durex- the World number 1 condom brand.”




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