Unforgiveness can Rob you of the Happiness you Deserve


The thought of you imagining how much hurt you’ve gone through, would never make you want to talk to them again. Before you know it, you find yourself unable to forgive that person.

You trusted them so much by letting your guard down and they took it as a window of opportunity to take advantage of your vulnerability. Your trust for them got  broken like a glass.
Yes, that’s what happens when the person you weren’t expecting lets you down .It’s like when a glass is been thrown to the floor forcefully or mistakenly. It breaks and can never be mended again and even if it does, there will always be cracks.



Some people might be left with no choice but to stay away from that person that broke your trust; it could be your husband, wife, fiancée, fiancé, relatives or a best friend. That malice can begin to turn to hatred, and before you know it all the thoughts you have within you for them,is nothing but bad and cruel thoughts. Cruel thoughts such as them being hit by a car, for them never to be happy for the rest of their lives and so much more.
The only problem with these cruel thoughts is that you are only robbing yourself of your happiness and for what exactly? The people you keep hating on have moved on with their lives while you are tormenting your sweet little heart with something irrelevant.
“But I was hurt and left to carry the pain all alone!” is the excuse you will give but trust me  I can understand. If need be cry a lot about it, and not only that but also talk to someone if you feel comfortable about what was done. If there is a chance you could go away for a while, then so be it; but also bear in mind that the pain just won’t go away and it might take a while because time heals all wounds.
Lesson point

Holding on to those cruel thoughts will do you no good but make you unhappy for the rest of your life and that unhappiness will only attract more unhappiness and misfortune, so LET IT GO!!!!



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