Ex-Gay Jackie Hill-Perry spoke about her sexuality which turned into an act of Protest by Some Students at Havard University

Pc: Jackie Hill Perry/gettyimages

On Friday 23rd February the religious student group of Harvard College Faith and Action (HCFA), hosted by Hill-Perry told the audience there is “no such a thing as being born gay, but there is such a thing as being born broken, broken by sin,” The Harvard Crimson reported.

Jackie a 28 Christian poet from St. Louis,who claims God stopped her from being gay.During her talks;made some students start protesting against her gay lectures. One of the student held up a sign at the back of the lecture hall reading: “Gay It’s in My DNA.

Perry later on said “The model for how we are to deny ourselves, whether that applies to our greed, to our lust, self-denial is not optional for the Christian,”

A protester challenged her by responding from the crowd, “That doesn’t sound like self-denial to me; it sounds like self-immolation,” according to a Harvard Crimson reporter at the event.

For more on Jackie’s story tap here



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