Aliko Dangote builds A Business School in Bayero University Kano,Nigeria.

The richest man in Africa according to forbes commissioned a 1.2 billion Naira Business school he built inside the Bayero University campus, Kano State,Nigeria on the 3rd of March.

Speaking at the commissioning of the school, Dangote said he hopes the school will train and prepare future African leaders in business.

My interest for supporting higher education in Nigeria stems from the belief that we can and we should provide the same quality of education here in Nigeria like anywhere else in the world. Good quality education is fundamental in breeding a vibrant economy and society. My goal for this business school is for it to become a reference point when it comes to learning how to do business successfully in Nigeria and in Africa. This means that this business school should carry out studies and researches that are specific to our needs and ways of doing business which would allow more information to be shared globally on how Africans can do business. ‘’I believe that this business school can and should foster relationship with other business schools across Africa and the globe and I am sure they already have affiliation with three other universities. This business school will be training and preparing future African leaders in business, who will understand how to develop, and also train others to become visionary businessmen. I also see this business school playing a role in accelerating the economic integration of our continent,’’ he said

This is indeed heart rendering.It is things like this that makes people remember you,even after you are gone.

Food for thought: How much impact have you made in your community and to the people around you???


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