Empire Star, Jussie Smollett album “Sum of My Music” Released.

Looks like the Empire icon who played the role of Jamal,has finally made it in the music industry by releasing his first album.#sumofmymusicsumofmymusic is officially out on all music plateforms.

The Empire star debuted for friends, family and a few famous faces at the Sayer’s Club in Los Angeles on Thursday 1st of March.
Sum of My Music really represents love and reflection and freedom,” Smollett told ET’s Courtney Tezeno, adding that all the songs on the album are inspired by his “real life.” “‘HaHa (I Love You)’ is about someone special to me.”
“I’m very happy,” he blushed, before describing the rest of the album. “‘Freedom,’ even though it wasn’t written by me, it still touches me in a way that I break down a little every time I hit this one note. And then ‘Don’t Go,’ it’s about my jealous side.”

Halle Berry was one of those that attended his album release at the Sayer’s Club.



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