Sierra Leone: Julius Maada Bio Speaks About The First Round Election Victory

My fellow Sierra Leoneans, as you are aware, the Chairman of the National Electoral Commission has announced the results of the Presidential Election conducted on Wednesday 7th March 2018.

I am deeply humbled by the confidence you have reposed in me to be the President of our Great Republic. It is indeed a great honour and privilege to serve the land we all love so dearly.

Let us all commend ourselves not only for the peaceful manner we have conducted ourselves on the 7th March but also for showing the world that our country is now emerging as a beacon of democracy in West Africa.

The elections are over and we must now begin to unite our country. To all my former contenders for the Presidency, I call on all of you to join me to address the critical development challenges we face as a country.

Let us put our political differences aside and work for the common interest of our people and country. This should be our supreme guiding principle.

To all those who voted for me, I appeal to you all to embrace the supporters of the other political parties. This is not a victory just for me and the SLPP but also a victory for all Sierra Leoneans.

Therefore, I entreat everyone to desist from any act of political intimidation and violence. Political intimidation and violence will have no place in our democracy. It is most certainly not the SLPP way.

As we look forward to a peaceful transition, I want to assure all Sierra Leoneans and our development partners that national cohesion will be at the heart of my administration.”


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