A UK School Faces Fury For Not Expelling White Students Who Allegedly Whipped Black Boy In ‘Mock Slave Auction’

Photo Credit:Mafaro.co.uk

According to the Bath Chronicle, a group of white teenagers allegedly chained and whipped a black classmate at a Bath, England, school as part of a “mock slave auction.” Police are investigating the incident.

The school’s administrators found themselves in hot water with lawmakers, anti-racism groups and parents after it was revealed that the school chose not to expell the white teenagers. Instead, all of the teens were allowed to return to school after a short suspension.

Tottenham Labour MP David Lammy tweeted that the alleged incident was a display of “vicious, nasty prejudice,” noting that he hoped such racist attitudes had “died out in the UK by the mid 1980s.”

One parent told the Chronicle that she is upset not only about the incident, but a lack of communication on the part of the school, and the school’s response.

“There are so many rumors and the school has failed to communicate in any reasonable or sensible way with parents,” she said. “It is particularly disappointing that no action has been taken within the school in the way of school assemblies etc to talk to pupils about racism and diversity/inclusion.”



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