Charlotte Crosby Reveals She likes being Compared to the Late Michael Jackson Following Her cosmetic procedures

Speaking to The Sun Online, the 27-year-old reality star admitted she is flattered by the comparison to the late King Of Pop – who had several cosmetic enhancements in his lifetime.
Charlotte – who soared to fame as the fresh-faced party animal during Geordie Shore’s inaugural 2011 season – reasoned: ‘I like this trolling comment, it’s one of my favourites.

‘He’s the king of pop, a living legend. If you were going to be compared to anyone, wouldn’t you want it to be Michael Jackson?’

She even went on to joke that she is considering a change of career in order to pay homage to her idol, quipping: ‘You know when I’m older? When this all dries out? I’m going to do a Michael Jackson tribute act… I’ve just got to learn how to moonwalk.’

She said being compared to the late King of Pop is an honour.



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