The Former Police Office Who Murdered His Wife,After The Wife Realized His Life was full of Debts Was Found Guilty

Darren McKie, 43, killed Leanne, 39, when she found out he was taking out loans.

In the eyes of friends and family, police inspector Darren McKie appeared to have it all ( A blonde wife, three beautiful children and a newly renovated home in one of Cheshire’s most sought-after towns.)

According to his posts, on social media, the apparently perfect middle-class lifestyle of McKie and his wife Leanne included dinners at top restaurants, £4,500 holidays abroad and a £435,000 luxury home with expensive appliances and fittings.

The couple each had successful careers and drove smart new cars, while their children enjoyed a variety of afterschool clubs, including ballet, tennis and cricket.

But behind the Facebook gloss, McKie, 43, an officer with Greater Manchester Police, was struggling to pay for the trappings of their charmed way of life.

Unbeknown to his wife, McKie, who was in charge of their finances, had secretly racked up £115,000 in debts, allowing the family to live way beyond their means for years.

Mrs McKie, 39, a part-time detective constable in the same force, found out and was furious. On September 28 last year she confronted her husband, branding him a ‘liar’ in a series of angry texts, causing McKie, who was a martial arts enthusiast, to flip and kill her with his bare hands.

McKie was so desperate to hide his debts and that he killed wife Leanne, pictured above with their three children, when she discovered he had secretly applied for a huge loan in her name
According to a pathologist ordered by told the court “Mrs McKie suffered injuries to her neck akin to a karate chop, although and it looks like prolonged period of strangulation actually killed her.”

McKie initially denied killing his wife and blamed a mystery man. However, faced with overwhelming evidence he admitted manslaughter half way through the trial, but continued to deny murder, saying he never intended to cause her serious harm.

Thursday(22nd March), a jury found him guilty after nine hours of deliberations. He closed his eyes, but remained stony-faced as the foreman delivered the verdict, while relatives of the couple wiped away tears. McKie will be sentenced on Tuesday 27th March.


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