Victoria Beckham’s Visit To Kenya Caused Excoriating, widespread accusations On Social Media

6 days ago the former spice singer , paid a visit to one of Kenya’s capital most impoverished slums,to promote two charities close to her heart.

Yet this visit bought out overwhelming majority of criticism from her followers on Instagram,Including few citizens in Kenya who were more concerned about why didn’t Victoria take pictures of other beautiful places of Kenya instead of the slums.In Kenya’s slum areas,the people were just delighted to see Mrs Beckham and had no idea about the cost of the clothes she was wearing or whether she actually cared or not.All they saw was a women of simplicity and Grace.

She also visited a clinic in nairobi,in which the workers were delighted to have such an opportunity to meet the Victoria Beckham,they’ve only seen on Tv.

Victoria shared photos of her on IG while on visits to one of kenyan’s slum areas and this caused some people to see her work as a publicity stunt instead of a form of charity..

Check out a screenshot of these spiteful comments below:

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