Man Broke His 3-Month Old Daughter’s Ribs Because He wanted A Son

An Ohio dad is in prison after he broke his 3-month-old daughter’s ribs multiple times because she’s female and he wanted a son.

The assault on the infant has been going on for a while but it wasn’t until the child’s mother took her to the hospital this past month for a traumatic brain injury along with multiple rib fractures that it was noticed she has been suffering the abuse for a while as the injuries were in multiple stages of healing.

“The child had over 28 rib fractures of varying ages, meaning they had happened at different times,” prosecutor David Fornshell said.

Jason Bittner, 33, allegedly told doctors that the injuries on his child were caused by an accident but doctors believed the child to be a victim of abuse, so they called the police.

It was revealed that Bittner, who is a chiropractor, was disappointed that his daughter was “fussy.” He was also upset she wasn’t a boy. He and his wife have two daughters.

The 3-month-old was placed in the intensive care unit but has now been released from hospital.

Bittner is reportedly seen as a pillar of his community and people who know him will be shocked by his actions. He is facing one charge of assault and two counts of endangering children.


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