Australian Airline Qantas Made history by Completing The first non-stop Perth to London Flight on Sunday 25th March

The 17 hour and 20 minute journey on a plane called Emily ended a few minutes ahead of schedule at 5.02am on Sunday after travelling 9,000 miles without stopping.
Wayne Kwong including other passengers on board shared several photos to social media detailing their journey.

Passengers on board shared photos of the specially crafted menu, complimentary amenity bags and the self-serve pantry, loaded with free snacks and drinks (pictures above)
Passengers were greeted with complimentary amenity bags, which included a sleeping mask, ear buds, a Qantas fleece blanket and a toothbrush

A Passenger Rachel Heath said the plane had the ‘smoothest of landings’ once arriving in London on Sunday morning

One of the passengers seem to be dissatisfied with the WiFi Service,here’s what he tweeted

History has been made indeed, well done to the Quantas crew.I hope they keep up.

Sources: Twitter , dailymail


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