Take note: Pregnancy can be a very tricky issue and ladies feel very nervous whenever they do not realize their period the following month after unprotected sex.
With this simple technique, you can test whether you are pregnant even without going to the hospital or clinic.
You can also catch your daughter or girlfriend if they are pregnant and want to trick you.
It’s a simple egg technique. Follow the steps below to do this successfully:

*Step 1: Buy two eggs. Clean ones of course.*

*Step 2: Wash your saucepan and dry it with a napkin*

*Step 3: Break the two eggs and pour their contents into a clean dish*

*Step 4: Stear it well. Add few slices of onion, or any vegetable of your choice.*

*Step 5: Place the saucepan over fire and pour a little cooking oil in it.*

*Step 6: Poor the mixture into the boiling oil.*

*Step 7: Turn it properly when it hardens. In five minutes, your fried egg is ready. Get some tea bread and This Way Chocolate Drink. Make some hot tea, enjoy yourself and sleep.*

*Thank you for reading*



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