The Condom Snorting Challenge:Parents,Watch out for your Kids

I noticed news and trends about this condom snorting challenge and i get to find it disturbing.Imagine your child/ward gets to see that and then decides to give it a try.

As if been a parent in this century is not hard enough and now this? God save humanity.
There are a number of very serious medical risks involved with this trend. Beyond choking, bleeding and infection, there are a few additional concerns for parents. Dr. Shilpi Agarwai noted, “If things don’t go as planned and you end up swallowing the condom instead of pulling it out of your mouth, it might end up in your stomach or you could inhale it into your lungs and develop bronchitis or pneumonia.”
The main motivation for this latest craze seems to be all about getting views on social media. In a statement, Bruce Y. Lee, associate professor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, told Forbes: “Even if you manage to successfully pull the condom out through your mouth, inhaling a condom up your nose would be very uncomfortable and potentially quite painful.

YouTube is currently working to remove these videos from their platform. In the meantime, be aware of the latest safety risk facing our children and if you think it’s a possibility, have a conversation with your children.


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