Nicki Minaj’s ex breaks down in tears in A Radio Interview,After He was ‘robbed’ at gunpoint (Video)

Rapper/Love & Hip Hop star, Safaree Samuels broke down in tears during a radio interview on Monday, after he claimed he was robbed earlier that day.

The alleged incident occurred before the 36-year-old rapper sat down for an interview with Angie Martinez on Power 1051.

In a short clip posted to Instagram, the ex-boyfriend of Nicki Minaj, told the radio host, “I just got robbed at gunpoint.”

“A couple hours ago … Two dudes with guns just ran up on me. Had me face down to the floor with a gun to my head. They just took everything,” he explained to Martinez.

He also took to Twitter to share his trauma, writing, “This morning was probably 1 of the worst scariest night of my life.”

According to reports, he was robbed of around $183,000 of cash and jewelry.

Check out the video below.

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