Hello and Welcome to Tampa by Florence. I know you might be wondering why such a name huh, but let me just make it simple for you…The name “Tampa” is a Portuguese word for  “cover” and since I go by the name Florence,hehehe,well I hope you understand me now. The main focus of the blog is to provide a platform that covers news,entertainment,sports,lifestyle,fashion,health,relationships,music,religion,photography,decor,art&culture and so much more

I really want to use this part of the internet to share my ideas on stuff I know while I pass on important information out there. I guess this is my own way to touch lives, reach the unreached and make an impact on lives.

I have being using the “I” word so much that I forgot to mention to you guys that “I am not alone”, There are family and friends that will also be sharing their ideas and knowledge on here. So feel free to drop by anytime and make yourself at home.

P.S – Suggestions and ideas are welcome, so feel free to tell me what you want to read about more and how you will like to see things  run on here…..

You can always reach me at : tampabyflorence@gmail.com



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