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West Africa Dish (Binch Akara)

Description Akara (Binch Akara). Important Nutrition Information:- Rich in protein, B vitamins, iron. Ingredients 2 cups black-eye beans 1 pepper (large) 1 onion (small) 1 egg (optional) 1 pint cooking oil salt (to taste) Instructions How to make Akara (Binch Akara)? Deep Fat Frying…

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Do away with excess soda and go for easy to make healthy drinks like the Watermelon Shandy

credit – how sweet eats Ingredients Watermelon Lime juice Lager beer Lemon/lime soda Cucumber Preparation Cut up your watermelon and refrigerate or freeze a day in advance Juice your lime a few hours before On the day, an hour or so to serving, juice…

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