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Woman crush Everyday:Meet Fatmata Dumbuya,the Paratrooper From Sierra Leone.

Every week,women are celebrated here and today it’s no other person but my friend from high school (The Anne Walsh Memorial school) She was one of those who won the DV Lottery in 2012.This amazing woman is now touching the hearts of her teammates…

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WCE : Mary T. Barra, the First Female CEO of A Global Automaker

  Today tampa by Florence is celebrating another woman of excellence. As a woman,i like celebrating women who conquered their inferiority and worked towards achieving their goals irrespective of the Male dominance society we have ourselves in.Today I bring to you “Mrs. Mary Teresa  Barra ”…

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Woman Crush Everyday- Celebrating Ursula Burns, The Multi-Millionaire, Business Mogul & CEO

In an imperfect world like ours, where you hardly see women  lift and support each other up or where men scarcely  promote the hard working women; can be very challenging;yet still there are women who made it, despite their pains,discrimination and troubles they still fight…

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